‘Deep Background’ early cover reveal and release date

Deep Background front cover smallerHot off the digital press, here is the cover design from David King and the team at Black Rose Writing! While I signed the publishing contract a while ago now, the concept of my manuscript becoming a physical book has been a bit like an abstract idea.

But now, I know what it’s going to look like.

I also got PDF proofs of the pages, a few more deadlines, and a release date. Here’s a snapshot of the rest of the process:

  1. First copy edit due Aug. 27: Remember how I said I was getting sick of reading my own novel? Guess what, I get to do it again this week. Typos and other errors will be caught, and I will feel bad about the draft that I turned in. But I will get them all, and I’ve enlisted some help.
  2. Final copy edit due ASAP after: After my publisher makes the edits, they will send the revised PDFs for a final review. I will make sure all the edits were made, that they didn’t cause any formatting issues, and maybe even find another one or two.
  3. Ready for pre-order no later than Nov. 27: After “Deep Background” is finalized, it will be available for pre-order through the publisher’s website, here, Amazon, B&N, etc. The earlier the better, so I have plenty of time to generate buzz, which will include getting author copies to distribute for media and events. I plan on having everything locked down way before Thanksgiving.
  4. ‘Deep Background’ released Dec. 6: Copies will be in the hands of readers. I’m formulating how to do a release party, and I will begin doing more signings, events, etc., assuming I don’t die from excitement.

In between hitting these deadlines, I will be getting author reviews (including one from a bestselling author whose last name is not Patterson, King or Grisham) and hopefully some positive media, especially here in Texas.

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