Author: Rick Treon
Release date: June 10, 2021
Publisher: Black Rose
Language: English
Hardcover: 304 pages
ISBN-10: 1944715991
ISBN-13: 978-1944715991




“One of the year’s top books… a must-read political thriller with a bad-ass heroine at the helm.” — Best Thrillers

When former detective Lori Young is kidnapped in the aftermath of a mass shooting, she learns she’s the key to stopping a devastating terrorist plot against what used to be called the United States — but she must confront her own past to ensure the future.

A group of former CIA officers wants Lori to leverage her ex-husband and his team of former Tier One military operators into hijacking a nuclear weapon, which will be used to destroy the flow of the continent’s most valuable resource and ruin global markets.

But the terrorists have a traitor in their midst, and together he and Lori can help avoid a nuclear strike — if she learns to weaponize her unusual skillset instead of constantly trying to silence the memories she can’t forget.

Praise for Divided States

“From the opening scene to the final page, this story was a fast-paced, action packed ride that did not let up.”
— Daniel K. Miller, Texas Institute of Letters Literary Awards Finalist and author of Fire on the Firth

“An edge-of-your-seat thrill ride! This near-future thriller is placed in a world that’s realistic. With a female character who kicks butt, the author gives a punch-by-punch fight to save the country from a nuclear war in an attempt to put it back together again.”
— Tracey S. Phillips, award-winning author of Best Kept Secrets

Divided States is a high-concept thriller that will hook you from page one. Rick Treon has written speculative fiction that imagines a world I feared when I was an intelligence officer, would never want to live in, but could not stop reading about. Treon masterfully mixes character and plot development in a globe-trotting opening, which also carefully reveals Treon’s intricately imagined American history. Just when I felt up to speed with the vivid cast of characters and the new American map, Treon brought me on a roller coaster ride to the finish. Edge-of-your-seat reading from beginning to end!”
— J.A. Walsh, former intelligence officer, author of Out of Kindness

“A frightening tour de force! Author Rick Treon has created a disturbing and highly believable future in his novel Divided States. It’s filled with a fast-moving plot and top-notch characters you won’t easily forget. This is a nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat thriller.”
— Victor M. Alvarez, former Army criminal investigator and author of the CID Agent Jacqueline Sinclair thrillers

“A fun and action-packed work of speculative fiction… With solid pacing, good writing, and interesting characters, I hope Divided States is the start of a series featuring Lori Young and crew.”
— Todd Wilkins, Best Thriller Books (Read the entire review here)

“An intimate and human story … filled with plenty of energy and intrigue.”
— BookTrib (read the entire review here)

“A must-read political thriller with a bad-ass heroine at the helm. Treon’s alt-America is disturbingly recognizable. With every carefully crafted description, his vision becomes increasingly believable. But make no mistake: This is not a dystopian tale. Rather, Treon has crafted a highly original political thriller with a bad-ass heroine and enough thought-provoking scenarios to make readers want to pack up their families and hide out in a remote cabin. Just remember to bring this book along with you!”
Best Thrillers (Read the entire review here)

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