Finally finished that final, final, final draft

I am sick of reading my novel. I still love the story I wrote, and I think readers will, too. But when you’ve written 70,000 words, rewritten those words, rewritten those words again, line edited those words, and copy edited those words … well, you can imagine the fatigue that begins to set in.

Then, after someone has agreed to publish the novel and you’ve celebrated that success, you get to edit those words again. Did I write this? If I did, is English my first language? Then, as I did the last couple of weeks, you get the opportunity to edit your beloved manuscript one last time before slapping the word FINAL at the end.

I have mercifully reached that point, and I need a break from dealing with that same collection of words.

I will have one last chance to review the galleys and find that typo or misused word still hiding from us all, though I think I will hire a good copy editor friend to do much of that. Until then, it is time to write something else. Anything else. That includes posting to this Website much more frequently. I am also planning to begin the first draft of another novel today.

Then, perhaps in a week or so, I will face that manuscript again to post some excerpts.

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