Inching closer to publication with the finalized cover!

Other than the retail price, which I don’t know yet, this is the approved cover for my debut novel, Deep Background, which is set for release in early December. Next, after a final, thorough edit by one of the best copy editors I know (and myself), I will go through and check the pages one more time to make sure nothing was lost in translation.

Then begins the bigger marketing blitz, including sending electronic review copies to everyone who will take one, getting author copies for more marketing purposes, and talking with bookstores, libraries, and other places about readings and signings closer to the release date (any advice from my author friends would be much appreciated).

In addition to that, it’s time to start working on the next novel. I had an idea I was toying with (for those of you who’ve read this story in some version already: no, it’s not a second Levi Cole novel), but I may toy with it some more before I begin typing.

That’s why this is the fun part: that story is still anything I want it to be.

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