The writer life: Books on craft

The question is so broad it’s hard to answer. So how do you write a novel? The quippy answer isn’t helpful, even if you directly quote Hemingway (or a string of others who may have actually said it first): “All you do […]

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Review: ‘Sharp Objects’ Episode 2, ‘Dirt’

*** WARNING, SPOILERS BELOW *** HBO’s limited series, “Sharp Objects,” is starting to drift a bit farther away from the novel. Whether or not that’s a bad thing (to those who read Gillian Flynn’s debut work) will be in the eyes of […]

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Review: ‘Sharp Objects’ Episode 1, ‘Vanish’

*WARNING, SPOILERS BELOW* Having read and thoroughly enjoyed Gillian Flynn’s debut novel, “Sharp Objects,” I was hoping HBO would make up for its “Fahrenheit 451” debacle. After all, the channel known for its great original content had one thing going for it […]

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