Rick Treon signs book deal with Black Rose

Award-winning author Rick Treon signed a one-book deal on Thursday with publisher Black Rose for a novel to be released in 2021. Black Rose also published Treon’s debut thriller, Deep Background, which won the 2019 Pencraft Award for Literary Excellence in Suspense. […]

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‘Let the Guilty Pay’ to be released as an audiobook

Rick Treon’s latest novel will be released as an audiobook, according to publisher Fawkes Press. Let the Guilty Pay, which is available to order in paperback and eBook, is currently in production, Fawkes Press publisher Jodi Thompson said. No release date has […]

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Let the Guilty Pay accepted as BookBub Featured New Release

Rick Treon’s new novel Let the Guilty Pay will be a BookBub Featured New Release on July 7. The book, which will be released July 4 by Fawkes Press, will be among the eBooks featured on the bookish website’ crime fiction newsletter, […]

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Guest post: Author Greta Boris

Writers come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. My business partner, Megan Haskell, and I quickly learned this truth when we started teaching workshops at writers conferences. We also learned new writers often don’t understand where they fit on the “author-spectrum.” I’ve […]

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The writer life: Books on craft

The question is so broad it’s hard to answer. So how do you write a novel? The quippy answer isn’t helpful, even if you directly quote Hemingway (or a string of others who may have actually said it first): “All you do […]

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Book trailer: Let the Guilty Pay, ‘A gripping page-turner’

This is the first trailer for my July 4 release, Let the Guilty Pay! It officially releases on July 4. But if you read eBooks and want access nearly a month early, subscribe to my newsletter before June 19!

The writer life: Why crime fiction?

While at my first few book signings in 2018 and 2019, I was surprised how often I was asked if my book was nonfiction or based on a true story. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have been surprised. In the Texas Panhandle, my […]

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