Let the Guilty Pay (Bartholomew Beck #1)

Bartholomew Beck has a secret.

He saw who killed his neighbor, but he lied to the police and now the wrong man is on Death Row.

Oh, and he wrote a bestselling true-crime book on the murder, further cementing his lies.

Twenty years after Summer Foster’s death, Beck’s writing career has gone cold and he’s making ends meet on a Texas oil pipeline when he finds a co-worker beaten to death with a screwdriver sticking out of her right eye — just like Summer.

This time he’ll have to come clean with what he knows and Let the Guilty Pay.

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Praise for Let the Guilty Pay

Heather Young

“… a cleverly plotted, deftly paced page-turner with deeply relatable characters. Everyone has a secret, everyone has an agenda, and Rick Treon dispenses the well-earned twists and reveals with the stiletto precision of a master.” — Heather Young, USA Today bestselling and award-winning author of The Lost Girls and The Distant Dead

August Norman

“… invites you in like a glass of sweet tea, then knocks you off your feet like a fifth of whiskey. This is dirty Texas noir where nobody walks away clean.” — August Norman, award-winning author of Come and Get Me and Sins of the Mother

K.P. Kyle

“Rick Treon’s Let the Guilty Pay is a sharp, mesmerizing thriller weaving together two murders, two decades apart; the connections between these crimes become evident through unexpected twists and revelations. Featuring complex, well-rounded characters and vivid settings, this novel begs to be finished in one sitting and left me eager for another installment.” — K.P. Kyle, author of Sync

David Albertyn

“In Rick Treon’s Let the Guilty Pay, the search for truth is at a premium, weaving together several narrative threads with twists that are both shocking and satisfying. But what sets this novel apart are the characters: warm, funny, relatable people you want to spend time with, on the page or off it. I was sorry when the book came to an end and can’t wait for the next one.” — David Albertyn, author of Undercard

Live with the Truth: A Bartholomew Beck novella (prequel)

True crime writer Bartholomew Beck has one last shot at getting his career back on track.

To do it, Beck agrees to write about Mistress Samantha — the single mother and virtual dominatrix who confessed to killing a North Texas pastor. Her daughter, Caitlin Parks, wants Beck’s book to humanize her in hopes of getting her off Death Row.

But while he’s researching the case, Beck — whose only bestselling book is nearly twenty years in his rearview — discovers the motive for Pastor Jerry Erickson’s death is much darker than what Caitlin is letting on.

What he learns will force Beck, Caitlin, and others to decide whether or not they can Live with the Truth.

Available as an eBook original on Amazon (free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers)

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