Monday procrastination roundup: Spring is in the air

I hope most of you are able to enjoy a bit of time outdoors despite the current situation. I usually wait until after Easter to declare spring here in the Texas Panhandle, but I’m going out on a limb this year. We […]

Monday procrastination roundup: Welcome distractions

One of my favorite parts of reading a book is trying to figure out which character did it — whatever “it” happens to be — and which characters I’m supposed to think is the guilty party. It’s also something I strive to […]

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Trekking into video: Unboxing Let the Guilty Pay

I decided yesterday to boldly go where every author but me has gone before. When my advance review copies for Let the Guilty Pay came in, I decided it was time for me to start utilizing two excellent tools to reach new […]

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Monday procrastination roundup: Stranger than fiction

The main character in my new series writes true crime books. Bartholomew Beck, who writes under his middle name, John, does not go through the typical writers’ life, let alone one who writes true crime. But those stories have always fascinated me, […]

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