Recommended: Where Fools Dare to Tread by David William Pearce

As with many good novels, Pearce introduces readers to a unique and interesting main character in Monk Buttman.

A self-proclaimed “nobody,” he’s forced to play the part of a private investigator after his real job as a courier for a law firm turns deadly. 

Buttman is as funny as his name suggests, but he’s more resourceful than even he might give himself credit for. 

The mystery he must solve gets larger and more complex as the story unfolds, and Pearce does a great job of tying Buttman’s tragic backstory to the mystery, and holding it back until it’s most emotionally impactful. 

And while the plot is solid and engaging, it’s the strength of Buttman’s personality that will carry readers through this novel. 

I would highly recommend this to readers who enjoy humor and a charismatic main character in their mystery novels.

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