BREAKING: The audiobook for DEEP BACKGROUND has been released!

I’ve waited months to say this: The audiobook for my debut novel, DEEP BACKGROUND, is finally available!

You can find it on Audible, the website and mobile app that’s considered the top distributor of audiobooks in the world. Audible is an Amazon company, so you can also buy it there.

Longtime stage and voice actor Steve Zarro narrated the audiboook, which was published by New York City-based Beacon Audiobooks. Its runtime is 6 hours, 46 minutes.

So, to recap, Deep Background is now available in paperback (in stock at Burrowing Owl Books in Canyon and Barnes and Noble in Amarillo; on all major bookselling websites; via my publisher, Black Rose Writing; and on my website, where I’ll sign and dedicate it to you), Kindle (Amazon), and now audiobook.

Right now Audible and Amazon are where you can get the audio version (which is a unique experience, even if you’ve read it; I’ve done that with a few books now and enjoyed it), but you’ll also be able to get it direct from Beacon Audiobooks and on iTunes soon.

This is the biggest news today, but not the biggest news I’ll be announcing this week! I would do it at the same time, but I wanted to give this announcement its own day, because I am overjoyed right now.

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