A Friday of firsts

As a longtime print journalist, I admit my relationship with TV news channels was, at one time, somewhat antagonistic. We wanted to scoop them, and we weren’t happy when they reported something we didn’t have.

But as an author, the TV news morning shows, which tend I think of as their version of the newspaper’s Arts & Entertainment section, are important. So when the opportunity arose to be on NewsChannel 10’s 2nd Cup at 9 a.m. on Friday, I was excited. It would be my first appearance on television promoting my fiction (or for any reason at all).

I am fortunate to have had some training in public speaking, though this wasn’t exactly the same. And, while I used a few too many “likes,” I am happy with how it went. I think having a great host like Ali Allison was important.

One of the main reasons I wanted to be on a local TV morning show was to plug my signing at Barnes & Noble later that night.

The signing at Barnes & Noble wasn’t my first. But it was my first at the world’s largest bookseller, so there is, at least in my mind, a major prestige factor involved with signing at a Barnes & Noble.

I was more than pleased to see that my table was located at the entrance to the store. I was even more pleased to see that by 6:30 the store was packed. I was a bit skeptical when the Customer Relations Manager said 7 p.m. on a Friday would be one of the best times to sign, but he was right. I sat down at about 6:45 and had signed three books before the event officially started.

Perhaps even better than having been on television for the first time, or signing at a Barnes & Noble for the first time, is that my books are in stock and on display at a Barnes & Noble. And I’m not just among the other books in the stacks, but instead have a small display in the middle of the store.

The trick now will be selling those copies before the managers get tired of me taking up the real estate.

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