BREAKING: Your friend’s novel is being turned into an audio book

The novel Deep Background, author Rick Treon’s debut thriller, is being turned into an audiobook, according to publisher Black Rose Writing.

Narration is about to begin on the project, BRW said. When complete, Deep Background will be available on the Amazon-owned website Audible, regarded as the largest audiobook distributor. Other details, such as what voice actor will be doing the narration or when the audiobook will be available for download, were not immediately available.

“This is an awesome development,” Treon said. “I love audiobooks, and to know that my work will be available to the public in this format is an amazing feeling.”

For those who prefer to read Deep Background in print, the paperback version is currently available at a 20 percent discount through Black Rose Writing by using promo code SCANDAL when ordering in the month of January.

The Kindle version of Deep Background is also available at Amazon.com.

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