National Lampoon’s New Year’s Vacation

NEW ORLEANS — As we walked through the French Quarter, my travel partners and I were given a sign that we were meant to be there, right at that moment.

My sister, Nikki, and I attended West Texas high school in Stinnett. We were both in the band during our years (which did not overlap), and are both familiar with the song we know as “Comanche 2.” Most or the world know it as “The Chop,” or Florida State University’s signature song.

As we were walking past Jackson Square, a high school band began playing that song that defined our athletic events for four years. We smiled, slowed and listened.

That band will be playing and marching this year during the annual New Year’s Day parade here in the Crescent City. We are here on a vacation to help ring in the new year, then watch our beloved Texas Longhorns play The Georgia Bulldogs in the Allstate Sugar Bowl, perhaps one of the biggest and most historic Bowl games in the history of college football.

After listening to Comanche 2, we made our way to Coop’s Place (pictured above) for some of the best gumbo and seafood we’ve ever had.

What will happen on Day 2 in New Orleans? Will hijinks ensue? Will we be over served in the French Quarter? Will Bobby Boucher come to the game at halftime and help the Mud Dogs win the Bourbon Bowl?

If so, I call dibs on the movie rights to the story (except that last one).

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