Just finalized the edits for Deep Background


I just emailed my publisher’s design director and gave my final approval on the pages of Deep Background! If I understand the process correctly, I will get an e-proof to look for cosmetic changes. After that gets approved, my debut novel will be locked in for print!

And, of course, with final approval comes the release of my the novel’s first excerpt. The image that accompanies this post is the first page of Chapter 28. While I will release some excerpts exclusively on this site (and later in my newsletter), the pages of this chapter will be put out on my social media sites. There’s a high likelihood you arrived here via my social media, but in case you didn’t, here they are: http://www.facebook.com/RickTreonAuthor, http://twitter.com/RDT4, http://www.instagram.com/ricktreon

I hope you like Chapter 28, and I hope you pre-order copies of Deep Background to give as Christmas gifts (they’ll be at your door on December 6!).

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