BREAKING: Your friend signed a publishing deal!

Writing a novel is difficult. I don’t say that to brag on myself, just stating a generally agreed-upon fact. Stringing together nearly 73,000 words (which is actually not a lot for adult fiction) in a way that has the potential to entertain an audience is much harder than it may sound. And to all those who’ve done it, the rest of us (and many who haven’t written one) salute you.

Then, after everything that goes into writing, re-writing, re-writing, re-writing, line editing, copy editing, copy editing, and copy editing again, getting someone to pay you to publish those words is also difficult. There are so many novels “in the drawer” that will never be published and distributed to bookstores, etc. Now, let me be clear: there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. For some, getting published isn’t even the goal, and they are likely better people than me. But I wanted this novel, and I will want all my novels, to be published by a publishing house and distributed by them.

I secured that future earlier today.

The image accompanying this post is my signature for a publishing contract with Texas-based Black Rose Writing, which has agreed to publish my debut novel, “Deep Background.” Below mine is the (much nicer) signature of Fluffy Cash, who was gracious enough to take the time and bear witness to the signing and chat about it.

To answer a few of your questions: No, I did not get a six-figure advance. Yes, I will get paid royalties. Yes, it will be available in physical print. No, you can’t get a copy tomorrow. Yes, it will be available in bookstores (maybe not yours unless you or I ask for it). Yes, I will work with an editor (and for those of you who have read a version of the story already, yes, it will have some changes). Yes, they will design the cover for me. No, you can’t do that for me. No, you can’t convince me to convince them to do that for me. Yes, I will have signings and readings. No, I don’t know (yet) where or how close to you they will be. Yes, I will sell copies on this website (and my publisher will sell it on theirs) and it will be available on Amazon. Yes, I will do media interviews and work my tail off to get media reviews. (You probably didn’t ask this, but I have lined up a bestselling author, not Patterson or King or anyone in that stratosphere, to review a copy and hopefully say something nice for the cover and online description, etc.)

Many of the other details I can’t answer just yet. A release date hasn’t been set, though this is not a quick process and there is much of the above to get done before a date is set.

But, as of this afternoon, I do know one thing: “Deep Background,” Rick Treon’s debut novel, will be published and available in bookstores.

How. Freaking. Cool.


Nancy Hill
July 14, 2018 at 10:18 pm


Darla Lemon
July 16, 2018 at 3:10 pm

I am super excited for you! I am patiently waiting to purchase a copy when it’s available😃 Congratulations! May there be many more!

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